Aussie's Demolished in 2.5 Days.

Australia in India:Man of the match award for this match won by Ravindra Jadeja. This was his 3rd such award against Australia, the first two being in Delhi in 2013 and Dharmshala in 2017.R Ashwin wicket haul led to win by innings and 132 run.

Feb 12, 2023 - 13:19
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Aussie's Demolished in 2.5 Days.
Indian Cricket Team

India had reached 322-7 on Day 2,the writing was on the wall. The only point of interest was whether the Aussies could stretch the game to Day 4,which they could not against the guile of R Ashwin, and the accuracy of Ravindra Jadeja on a crumbling pitch. The fact that Axar Patel had helped India stretch their score to 400 in the first session added to the sense of helplessness that had already crept into the Aussie ranks. 

Still, there was a job to do for India and Ashwin, with 31 five-wicket hauls in Test Cricket, is a master at it. "You know how pitches like these are in the second innings. I was looking to bring the drive into play and get the results", Ashwin said after running through the Aussie top order. 

With a lead of 223 in the bag, Ashwin knew that a few boundaries would not have any consequence. So, instead of trying to push the ball through, he gave it a little more air and targeted the rough that had developed outside the left-hander's off-stump. It needed patience and ability on the part of players like Usman Khwaja and David Warner to deal with it, but by the evidence of first test, they don't seem to have either. 

"I can't say enough about the influence Jadeja keeps having in these games. He has been such a brilliant bowler and at times I really feel lucky that I have him as my bowling partner. Not that Axar is a lesser bowler either", Ashwin said.  Captain Rohit, in fact gave the ball to Axar just to allow him to get among the wickets. And in no time, he too had a wicket to his name to ensure that the spin-trio was well and truly in business. 

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